Published On:  Friday, January 20, 2023

The 12th Convocation Lahore is scheduled to be held on Thursday, January 26, 2023, at 09:00am @ Faletti’s Hotel, 24-Egerton Road, Lahore. For this, invitation letters are being dispatched to all registered graduates of 12th Convocation Lahore.

Please note that entry into the venue is restricted to card holder only. Therefore, you must take printouts of your invitation cards i.e. Student Entry Card and Guest Entry Card. Only those guests, whose detail is mentioned on the card(s) will be allowed to enter.

The invitation cards may be printed from the following link:\convocation\


  1. No on spot registration will be allowed. Only Registered graduates will be allowed to enter the convocation hall.
  2. Original CNIC and Invitation card(s) is a must for entrance.
  3. Entry into the venue is restricted to card holder only. One card is valid for one person only.
  4. Only one guest will be allowed whose detail is mentioned on the Guest card. Change of Guest is not permitted in any case.
  5. Graduates will have to pay Academic Costume Fee of Rs. 1500/- in which Rs. 1200/- will be refundable upon return of Academic Costume.
  6. Students must wear Gown, Hood, and Cap with tassel on the left side always.
  7. Professional photographer(s) have been arranged; if you avail their services, please be aware that the cost of these pictures will be borne by the student.
  8. Children will not be allowed inside the convocation hall.
  9. Eatables shall not be allowed in the convocation hall.
  10. You must also bring two copies of your CNIC. One is to be submitted at Registration desk and the other one will be required for degree collection in case you have not collected your degree earlier.
  11. Please rise from your seats when the Academic Procession enters and departs the Convocation Hall and remain standing till the National Anthem is played.
  12. When the conference of degrees is announced, students shall rise for whom the announcement is made from the stage.
  13. Mobile phones/Cameras/Electronic gadgets etc. are strictly not allowed.
  14. Handbags are strictly not permitted. VU will not take any responsibility.  


  1. Ushers will guide you to form a queue for moving towards the stage.
  2. When you approach the stage, you must produce your ‘Stage Card’.
  3. An usher will collect and pass your ‘Stage Card’ to the orator prior to you entering the stage.
  4. Upon hearing the announcement of your name, degree and honors, you will then walk across the stage, shake hands with the Chief Guest/Rector and receive your degree/honors.
  5. While receiving your degree and honors on stage, still/video photography will take place.
  6. Step down from the stage and follow the Usher back to your seat.

In case of any query, students may contact at:

Office Phone:                   042-99204760, 99203899

Mobile/WhatsApp:         03000656901, 03000656906, 03000656907